The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning, Sanitizing, Disinfecting, and Microbial Protection What does clean actually mean? A lot of people believe that if a surface looks clean, it is safe to touch. But is it really? While infection prevention is a priority for most businesses and public places, there is still Go ahead
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The Ultimate Disinfection Solution for Homes and Offices Our disinfecting process is proven to kill %99.99% of all pathogens for up to 90 days. GeoSpear is a disinfecting service that specializes in cleaning homes and office spaces. Our disinfectant spray is guaranteed to kill %99.999 of all pathogens. After our Go ahead
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Would you trust your plumber to fix your car? Neither would we. At GeoSpear, we recognize the need to be specialized in the field we serve. The science of disinfection and sanitization has recently experienced a lot of attention thanks to COVID-19. Vendors from industries all over have positioned themselves Go ahead
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GeoSpear Disinfecting Services is completing the launch of our new website at Founded in 2020 amidst growing demand for disinfection services, businessmen from the automotive and hospitality industries began to plan their next move in the disinfecting services sector. Designed to make disinfection services accessible to the entire nation, Go ahead
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Has your business been effected by the pandemic? Customized disinfection that lasts Early in 2020, the COVID-19 virus effected businesses across the country. Some closed completely while others found ways to press on with limited capacity. The pandemic has affected nearly every business in America in different ways. However, with Go ahead
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