Summertime Savings for Disinfection


Cold-Fog Disinfection: $199

Antibacterial Protection: $249

*Antibacterial protection services include both cold-fogging and protectant spray services.


Save 20%

for one time service

Save 25%

for quarterly services

Save 30%

for monthly services

GeoSpear Disinfection Services is celebrating our one year anniversary with special offers and discounts on disinfection and antibacterial protection! Be proactive this summer and use GeoSpear to help keep your home, office, or business healthy and working!

As COVID-19 cases continue to fall across the United States, we want to invite all of our past and current customers to continue to be proactive. Our EPA registered disinfectant kills more than COVID-19, but 99.999% of all other germs, pathogens and microbes that can make your employees, friends and family sick. No matter how big or small your job is, we’ll be there to help protect what matters most.

GeoSpear offers three main types of disinfection and cleaning services. Wipe down services are ideal for high traffic areas where fogging and air-borne sprays cannot be used. Cold-Fogging technology allows us to disinfect entire rooms and the airspace within them. This is one of the best ways to provide complete coverage to offices, hospitals, and other high traffic areas or shared working spaces. When the ultimate protection is needed, we deploy our electrostatic sprayers using antimicrobial spray that is electrically charged. This process guarantees the most effective disinfection and protection process available and can protect applied surfaces for up to 90 days depending on use.

When you’re ready to start your service, contact our expert disinfection team to help customize your services. We specialize each disinfection services according to our customers’ exacting needs.
Contact us today and protect your friends, family and business! GeoSpear protects what matters most.

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