Ideal Services for Reopening Communities

GeoSpear Service Transitions

As the United States slowly returns to normal, we will always remember the impact the coronavirus had on our lives. With the vaccine helping that return to normalcy, more and more citizens can freely travel, converse, and meet with their friends and families. While the bulk of the population now enjoy the protection of the vaccine, we want to help offer protection and peace of mind to those who are not. Some people will never get vaccinated for one reason or another. There is no right or wrong way to beat the coronavirus, and we will continue to offer disinfection and protection services to help get our communities reopened and stay open, permanently.

Viral Prevention Services

Have you or someone you know has been diagnosed with COVID-19 recently? GeoSpear is on-call to help offer spot disinfection and cleaning services for any home or office that has experienced recent exposure. According to the CDC, the vaccine’s antibody’s lifetime is still being researched. If you’ve been months since your last vaccination, consider disinfection services after an exposure to further reduce your chances of infection.

Public Prevention and Wipe Down Services

While we cannot always disinfect every space at any time, we offer expertly trained personnel that will wipe down high traffic areas that people frequent in public spaces. Imagine using a clean public restroom every time! Consider the advantages and peace of mind of having dedicated disinfection crew for your next public or private event!

Public Spaces Re-Open

As each state reopen and loosen restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic, local government and state facilities will begin to reopen. If you county has a court house, police/fire stations, and public parks, GeoSpear is ideal for disinfecting them before you reopen. Our cold fogging disinfection spray will destroy 99.999% of all pathogens on contact. Unique to GeoSpear, our anti-bacterial microbial protection spray can last up to 90 days. This is an ideal protection solution for open and closed public spaces!

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