Expertly Trained to Disinfect

Would you trust your plumber to fix your car? Neither would we. At GeoSpear, we recognize the need to be specialized in the field we serve. The science of disinfection and sanitization has recently experienced a lot of attention thanks to COVID-19. Vendors from industries all over have positioned themselves to take part of the disinfection service industry. GeoSpear specializes in disinfecting and protecting all surfaces with a hospital grade disinfectant and microbial protectant that can last up to 90 days.

There are no gimmicks, no special fine print or recurring fees. You get cutting edge disinfection services with outstanding customer service when and where you want it. We start with our hospital grade gold-fogging disinfectant. Rated to kill 99.999% of all pathogens including coronavirus, you can have peace of mind that your space is sanitized. Once disinfection is completed, we electrostatically apply our durable antimicrobial protectant that continues to kill pathogens on contact. Depending on foot traffic and use of the area that the protectant was applied in, our signature protectant will kill pathogens up to 90 days.

GeoSpear takes training of its employees very seriously. Every disinfection specialist undergoes a customized training process involving education of the scientific principles of germs and sanitization technology. We train to apply our disinfectant and protectant in all areas and common spaces in which airflow can pass through. This maximizes the effectiveness of the service. Where other vendors would simply spray a liquid solution without atomization, we provide a guarantee to kill 99.999% of all pathogens the disinfectant contacts.

With a trained, expert technique and superior technology, GeoSpear delivers an unmatched sanitization experience in both customer service and germ fighting effectiveness.

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