GeoSpear Disinfection Services Launches New Website

GeoSpear Disinfecting Services is completing the launch of our new website at

Founded in 2020 amidst growing demand for disinfection services, businessmen from the automotive and hospitality industries began to plan their next move in the disinfecting services sector.

Designed to make disinfection services accessible to the entire nation, GeoSpear seeks to make disinfection services more personal. You are more than a square footage. If your health matters, then what you use to protect it should too. Enter GeoSpear Disinfecting Services!

With the use of online services on the rise, GeoSpear has designed our website to deliver disinfection quotes to interested parties in just minutes. When you need a quick anonymous quote for disinfection services, look no further than GeoSpear! Our signature 2-step disinfection and protection process kills pathogens and protects your space up to 90 days. When disinfecting a home or residential property, single applications are typically sufficient.

GeoSpear disinfecting services includes a cold fogging disinfectant spray, a specialized wipe down service, electrostatically applied microbial protectant and more! If you’re disinfecting an office building or apartment complex, we highly recommend routine disinfection and microbial protection to safeguard your employees, tenants, and high-traffic areas.

Contact us today and speak with one of our expert staff. We’re here to help solve and support your disinfection and microbial protection needs!

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