Getting Back Open After COVID

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Has your business been effected by the pandemic?

Customized disinfection that lasts

Early in 2020, the COVID-19 virus effected businesses across the country. Some closed completely while others found ways to press on with limited capacity. The pandemic has affected nearly every business in America in different ways. However, with all this challenge comes new solutions to combat COVID and find a sense of normalcy again.

GeoSpear recognizes that not every disinfection service is equal. Prices and services vary greatly. We wanted to offer our clients great customer service and a peace-of-mind knowing that their property had been sanitized according to the most effective standards available.

Utilizing electrostatic applicators and hospital grade disinfectant, we can sanitize an entire building covering even the most remote corners and hard-to-reach areas. Not only does GeoSpear’s disinfectant kill 99.999% of all microbes and pathogens, we offer cutting edge microbial protection too. After a disinfection, consider what happens to the people that bring in germs and other outside contaminants.

A microbial protectant is recommended to not only help sanitize a given space, but to keep it safe and protected for all occupants. Depending on traffic, our proprietary protectant spray can provide microbial and pathogenic protection for up to 90 days.

Discover what type of disinfection service fits your needs best by calling our expert team today. We understand that no two disinfection jobs are the same and we are here to help provide security no matter what disinfection needs you may have.

When you need the absolute best in disinfection and microbial protection, look no further than GeoSpear. Exceptional customer experience combined with EPA approved disinfectants make GeoSpear America’s newest choice in home and office disinfection!

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