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With the Nation’s Most Durable Antimicrobial Protectant

GeoSpear Disinfecting Services provides disinfection spray services and long-lasting microbial protection for homes, offices, events, and more! Over 99% effective against pathogens, our EPA registered disinfectant spray and durable antimicrobial protectant can last up to 90 days per application. Safe for electronics, pets, and children, GeoSpear offers the ultimate disinfecting solution at a price that’s accessible to everyone!

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Kill 99.999% of all Pathogens

Protectant Electrostatically Applied

The GeoSpear disinfection service has proven effective at killing bacteria, archaea, algae, fungi, protozoa, yeast, diatoms and viruses. Utilizing the highest quality hospital grade disinfectants with cold fogging and electrostatic applicators, we ensure even the hardest-to-reach places are disinfected.

2 Step Disinfection and Protection

We disinfect your property, then protect it for up to 90 days!

When you need the most comprehensive disinfection service solution, look no further than GeoSpear! Our exclusive 2-step disinfection and protection process kills any pathogens that come in comes in contact with. Once sanitized, we electrostatically apply a second coating of antimicrobial protectant that can last 30-90 days depending on the frequency of use of the applied area.

Our disinfectant solution is registered with the EPA’s N-list, meaning it’s certified to kill the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Ideal for use before or after home quarantines or in public high touch and traffic areas, the disinfectant service is safe for skin contact including children, pets, and electronics.

Who Uses GeoSpear Disinfection?

We disinfect and protect a wide variety of businesses.

More businesses choose to go with GeoSpear Disinfecting Services. We’re specialized for scalable effective disinfection and outstanding customer service. With packages and pricing available to all, we are your disinfection service for when it matters most!

When it comes to commercial cleaning, most cleaning services don’t come equipped with the antiseptic technology needed to sanitize the air and hard to reach surfaces. Consider adding GeoSpear disinfecting services to your normal cleaning schedule to ensure your home, office or work-place is confidently clean! Not all disinfection services are created equal. Our long lasting antimicrobial protectant is applied electrostatically and can kills pathogens for up to 90 days depending on use. When you can’t take chances with customer and employee safety, ask for our microbial protection to be added to your next disinfection service!

GeoSpear Disinfecting Service

1 Step – Does not include microbial protection

Service: Disinfection Only

Pros: Most cost effective, Kills 99.999% of pathogens
Cons: Only sanitizes what in the room

GeoSpear Disinfection and Protection Service

2 Step – Includes Disinfection and Microbial Protection

Services: Disinfection Service
Microbial Protection

Pros:Kills 99.999% of pathogens for up to 90 days
Cons: Routine applications recommended

GeoSpear Routine Disinfection Service

Monthly 2 Step – Routine Disinfection and Microbial Protection

Services: Monthly Disinfection
and Microbial Protection

Pros:Most complete antimicrobial protection, greatest value